Smart Factoree


Monitor, manage and analyze

Smart Factoree is a program dedicated to the manufacturers. For automated or industries wishing to become, Smart Factoree helps increase productivity and management of your industry. Easy to use and friendly, Smart Factoree is adapted to all kind of industry.

Manage and work in perfect harmony

Smart Factoree will help you coordinate the work in your industry. Combining five modules, Smart Factoree offers industrial production manager and team leader the tools they need to coordinate their work, anticipate their needs and analyze their production.

Increase your productivity and management

This software includes 5 modules of the most powerful and most complete. You can easily plan your production, anticipate your needs, and manage your employee and the traceability of your products. Creation and configuration of your Factories control and monitoring equipment, Smart Factoree offers you everything you need for your industry.

Integrating Smart Factoree is quick and easy. Your product is compatible with any type of PLC (Allen-Bradley, Omron, Siemens, SCADAPack, …). Please be free to contact us for any information.