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Cube Machinery supplies soil plant machinery and advanced productivity systems to factories across North America. From Florida to the Canadian Mid West, from the Pacific Coast to the heart of the peat industry in Eastern Canada, we have supplied engineering, machinery and complete production lines.

This company is an extension of Cube Automation, which has worked in the soil industry since 1995. Cube Machinery’s mandate is focused specifically on soil processing, including screening, mixing and packaging. This provides the benefits of combining machinery and Cube Automation’s productivity expertise.

Our team has carried out projects across North America. We believe that we have one of the greatest independent teams to design any project – small or large. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs or answer any questions you may have.

Roch Chiasson
General Manager, Cube Machinery


Created in 2006, Cube Machinery (Soil North America) supplies complete soil plant solutions for various customers around the world, overseeing every step from design to product integration. Cube Machinery builds on the extensive experience of Cube Automation (1995) in terms of control systems, plant management systems, lean manufacturing and industrial engineering. Cube Machinery designs and builds products for the production line and collaborates with other quality product and system suppliers, in order to fully meet our clients needs.


To supply North American soil industry with productive and performing solutions.


To provide productive and innovative solutions that meet current customer requirements and are ready for future growth and lean manufacturing challenges.


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